Fraternal Benefits

BOOK BUY PROGRAM is in addition to any Educational Awards a member may receive. The program will assist our members attending college by reimbursing 15% of college book expenses. In order to qualify, you need to purchase a new 20 Payment Life or Whole Life certificate during the student’s freshman, sophomore, junior or senior years of college. Premiums must be paid on a quarterly, semiannual or annual basis and must be current for the member to be eligible. The Book Buy Program application can be submitted each school year, for a maximum of four years, along with the receipt for the books, in which the member would receive 15% refund based on books purchased limited to the amount paid for the annual premium on the 20 payment Life or Whole Life certificate.

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NEWBORN BENEFIT is available to infants from ten (10) days old through six (6) months old who have at least one parent that is a member in good standing with the LPSCU. The infant will automatically be covered, at no cost, upon notification of the birth to Home Office. In families where either the mother or the father is an LPSCU member, the infant will receive this benefit of $2,000 of life insurance. The benefit expires when the infant reaches six (6) months of age.

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PAID UP AT AGE 80 PLUS 25 YEARS OF MEMBERSHIP provides the member with not having to pay any more premiums when they become eighty (80) years of age and have twenty-five (25) years of membership with the LPSCU.

WEDDING CROSS is a benefit available to all members that are going to or have recently taken wedding vows. In order for this benefit to be given, the Branch Secretary must complete a Notice of Marriage form. Upon receipt of the completed form, the Home Office will prepare and forward a letter of congratulations along with our gift of a Wedding Cross.

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MORNING STAR is a benefit we distribute to our members household. The magazine provides information on various activities taking place in the Branches and Districts, products and benefits, news of members, meetings, financial information, fraternal activities, community involvement events, religious article and the Junior Page which includes contests, puzzles and articles for our youth. Members are encouraged to submit informative articles on various subjects. Articles are subject to editing.

SCRIPTSAVE BENEFIT is a benefit provided, at no cost, to our members. ScriptSave is a prescription discount card that can be used at designated pharmacies. The discount varies by medication and pharmacies. Any member can receive this benefit at no cost. Any member within the household, even those that are not members, can use the card. Just a reminder “This benefit is not an insurance policy and does not provide insurance coverage”


ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL offers LPSCU members a discount on car rental from more than 6,500 locations throughout the United States. Enterprise provides free pick-up and return service (where available) at the start and end of rentals.


ELDER LAW BENEFIT is a benefit provided to our membership. The LPSCU has contracted with Chariton, Schwager & Malak to provide estate planning services to all our members that reside in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, at a special reduced rate off the normal billing rates. Estate planning would include preparation and signing of Wills, Durable General Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, and, in certain cases, Trust Agreements.

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529 EDUCATION SAVINGS PLAN is an excellent opportunity to save today for your children or grandchildren’s college future. This benefit is available to all members at any point to prepare for when their children or grandchildren begin college. For more information, please click on either of the two links below.
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